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Our main goal as a business is to provide our customers with quality service from trusted and well-trained specialists, completing any task that may need performed to keep their place of business well maintained and safe.

Comprehensive Janitorial

Keeping a facility clean is more than meets the eye, even though appearance is key. Problems arise, contamination happens, special events are added to the calendar. Our staff is alert and ready to handle any situation to help keep your facility looking its best.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Reduce energy costs as well as future maintenance and replacement costs by having our trained lighting technicians install energy efficient LED lighting throughout your facility.

Window Cleaning

Indoor and outdoor, SSFS will get your hard to reach windows and glass surfaces sparkling.

Specialized Floor Care

Outside of routine janitorial floor care, SSFS offers specialized care for all flooring types. Contact us today for a quote!

Facility Services

SSFS can provide you with facilities services that are outside of the routine maintenance. Fire and Flood Cleanup. Painting. Moving Services. Handyman Services. If you make a request, we will make a solution available. 

Parking Lot Maintenance

From new paint to snow removal, SSFS can make your parking lot look brand new!

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